Quarter of a Beef Deposit

Quarter of a Beef Deposit

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Buying a quarter a beef is an excellent way to stock up on meat and the perfect way buy in a bulk and get discounted pricing. A quarter of a beef will yield 100  pounds of meat that you will be able to put in your freezer. Our animals are mainly on grass and then finished with a little bit of grain to enhance the flavor and marbling of our product. We want to ensure you have the most flavorful, and nutritious beef in your freezer to feed your family and loved ones with. 

The price of the quarter will vary depending on the animal. The processing could be more or less depending on the size of the animal. The 1/4 could range from $650. depending on how large the animal is. But the best part about buying a half is YOU get to have it customized to fit your family. You like roasts for making fajitas, or pot roast, or shredded beef, awesome! We will get more roasts. Not a big roast fan? Then we will have more ground beef made. It is 100% completely customized to fit your family. Here is what the half could look like...

18 Steaks cut to 1. in thickness (variety of filets, KC Stips, Sirloins, Ribeyes, Flank and skirt Steaks,

5 Roasts

40  lbs ground beef and/ or combo of hamburger patties

5  lbs stew meat

1-2  Skirt Steaks

1- Flank Steaks

Soup bones

Before the beef is processed you will receive a cut list to customize what you would like. Once the beef goes into the locker, you will receive the invoice for the beef based off of its weight that will be due within 5 days.  The total amount due will be the the weight of the total beef minus the deposit.  Once paid for, we will deliver your beef to your doorstep! 

This assortment can be completely customizable!